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Stream Study monitors the health of the creek

Adam and Rob with Lion John Two students from the Sir Sandford Fleming College Environmental Monitoring program, Adam and Rob, conducted work on the creek through the trail area in the Fall and Winter on a "work for credit" program. They did an assessment of the state of the creek and what's living in it and also set up some monitoring points for periodic future assessments of the health of the creek.

Assessment on the stream was done using "SAPSO" (the Stream Assessment Protocol for Southern Ontario).

This assessment gives us such info as:
  • bank stability
  • water velocity
  • bank vegetation
  • bank height
  • available cover
  • water depth
  • aquatic vegetation, both submerged and emergent species
  • electro-fishing is also part of this protocol
Once this information is gathered it is then entered into a provincial data base and can be compared to other similar streams.

Sampling was done on two sections of the creek. Those portions came out with a ratings of good and very good stream health. An electro-fishing procedure was also completed with the co-operation of CLOCA (the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority).

Our stream study was featured on both CHEX TV and Rogers Cable.

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