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Base-line Environmental Study

In 1999, James Kamstra documented the existing plants and some of the animal life existing on the site throughout the 1999 spring, summer, and fall seasons. The progress of the trail area in future years can be compared to this base-line assessment. The text of the 1999 base-line evironmental study is available online.

Mammal study 2000 and various beavers

In the summer of 2000, two graduate students from the University of Toronto completed a survey of all the small mammals on the site. They found moles, rabbits, various kind of field mice and more.

Some bigger mammals that are a little more obvious have also been in evidence. Deer have been spotted moving along the creek. From the Fall of 1999 until the Spring of 2000 there was a beaver on site and another beaver dam appeared in the Summer of 2000, causing widespread flooding problems.

Creek study finds the stream in good health

Two environmental monitoring students from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay spent two terms studying animal life the creek during the Fall and Winter of 2000-2001. Read more >

Frogwatch: Frog and Toad Monitoring

We introduced people to frogwatching in the Spring of 2000. Read about our our first annual Frogwatch. Watch for information on upcoming Frogwatch events for this year.

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