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Newest beavers were moved out to control flooding

Beaver Dam - Oct 7, 2000 We were pleased to see that there were beavers active in the Spring of 2000 in our proposed trail area, but the small dam eventually was adandoned and there is little evidence of it now, unless you know where to look. Later in the summer, a new and improved dam was built in the summer farther north on the site. This dam was at least 4 feet high and the depth of the water in the pond was about 5 feet even at the bank.

The overflow from the dam caused some minor flooding of the land around the trail, but it really caused a major "lake" to the west of the creek.

It eventually became necessary for wildlife removal experts to remove three beavers from the area and they also disassembled the centre portion of the dam.

At its height, getting to the pond was difficult, owing to water running allong the ground all around it, but with the water level lowered, access is easier. The pond is located just to the west of the northern-most raptor snag. We have pictures of the recent dam at, so you can survey this magnificent creation at its peak.

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