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The first beaver pond, 1999/2000

Oct. 9, 1999
On October 9, 1999, this beaver dam (above) was first noticed right near the pond on the trail site ...
April 25, 2000 looking upstream April 25, 2000 looking downstream
Revisited on April 25, 2000, the dam was built up a bit more, but lots of water was flowing through a gap you can see on the left side of the first picture ...
April 30, 2000
Five days later, the dam was repaired. Obviously, the beaver was still in the area ...
May 9, 2000

By May 9, with the addition of a few extra materials, (including a 2 by 4 with a lot of nails sticking up through it!), the water level seems to have risen a bit. Notice how the horizontal branch on the right seems to be closer to its reflection than it was on April 30.

A little bit of patience revealed the beaver itself, doing what beavers do best: working like a beaver! Continue >

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