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1.0 Introduction

The Brooklin District Lions Club has proposed and raised funds to complete a public trail through a portion of the East Lynde Creek valley south of the village of Brooklin. This trail has been called the "Brooklin Lions Wilderness Trail". Kamstra Ecostudies was retained by the Brooklin Lions Club to conduct an environmental baseline study of the lands where the trail is being proposed. This is to help guide the routing of the trail to ensure that it is developed in such a way that potential environmental impacts are minimized.

The specific objectives of this study are :

a) To document baseline environmental conditions so that comparisons can be made in the future,

b) To guide the routing and development of the trail so that environmental features and functions of the lands are minimally affected, and

c) To identify conditions that limit the natural integrity of the site, and identify opportunities for ecological restoration.

The study area consists of approximately 15 ha. along the East Lynde Creek south of Winchester Road. The north portion (about 2.5 ha.) is owned by the Town of Whitby (known as the Stevenson Property) while the rest is owned by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO). The site is adjacent to the Brooklin Memorial Park.

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